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cball NXT Infrared Ball Sensor
cball NXT Infrared Ball Sensor

cball NXT Infrared Ball Sensor

Price per Unit (piece): AU$54.99

  • 8 x infrared photodetectors arranged in a 180 degree semi-circle
  • No calibration required, automatically reads background light levels on startup
  • LEGO® NXT Digital Sensor including NXT style socket
  • Provides signal for either no roboball can be seen or strongest photodetector signal
  • Digital output provides access to all sensor data including raw readings and background readings
  • Four leds for indication of strongest photodetector
  • Mounting holes are compatible with Technic LEGO® blocks (two 2x1 blocks included)

 This sensor supports the standard LEGO® NXT Digital Sensor registersas follows. The cball NXT I2C address = 0xB0 Hexadecimal (176 Decimal).

More information can be found on the cball NXT Sensor Product Information Page.

 Command Description Command (Hexadecimal) Command (Decimal) Output Value
Photodetector number with maximum infrared signal
(zero = all less than background)
0x40  64 0 - 8
Same as 0x40 command except intensity encoded in highest 4 bits0x41 65High 4 bits:
strong: 4, weak: 2
Low 4 bits: 0 - 8
Raw reading of photodetector with maximum infrared signal0x42 66 0 - 255
Raw readings for each of the 8 photodetectors0x43 - 0x4A 67 -  74
 0 - 255
Raw reading from photodetector with maximum background signal 0x4B 75 0 - 255
Raw background readings for each of the 8 photodetectors (1-8)
 0x4C - 0x53
 76 - 83 0 - 255


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